Thursday, April 6, 2017


will you fuck me like i matter? 
i actually asked someone this one time

after he said to me, 
tell me you want me

i said, is that what you need to hear?
and he said, yes

and i said, okay, 
i want you so fucking bad
put you cock in me right now

and he entered me
and the hard of me softened 
into a volcano of sadness
and i asked it

i asked,
can i ask you something vulnerable?
with his hard dick tucked inside me
yeah... he said softly, earnestly

and i looked him square in his circular eyes
will you fuck me like i matter?

and he said, oh my god, you think you don't matter?
rachael! rachael! 
you think you don't matter?
and i said, yeah, soft as a mouse

and so he tried
and so did i
to let him love me
even though he didn't know me
could barely see me
definitely didn't feel me

and i didn't feel the relief 
i was hoping for

but i did know 
there was more
and maybe one day,
i would let that in

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