Tuesday, May 9, 2017

there’s a light between my legs

there’s a light between my legs
it’s everlasting like that sanctuary blaze
that oil lamp of infinity 

maybe if you kiss me
where i’m wet and misty
you’ll feel eternity on your tongue
like you’ve just begun to live

once, i almost died
i looked into my own eyes
a deep brown mirror of fearlessness
and i cried
because we never really die
but we do hide 

there’s a light i’ve had to find
between my thighs
inside my sigh
a pulsing kind of pleasure
that never asks me to be better
just present, and open, and true

when i met you
when i met you 
the pain between my legs was like 
a baby born with fangs
patriarchy bites hard
leaves scars
rips things

i had to learn to touch the tissue tenderly
i had to learn it wasn’t supposed to bleed
i had to learn the ancient moaning sanctity
of flesh, under sheets, in the heat
of ravenous reverence 

i had to learn to ask 
and not mask my desire with expectation or obligation
with possession or resentful repression
i had to learn the excruciating vulnerability of wanting
i had to learn that i’m wanted 
that i’m wanted 
that i’m wanted
for more than just the light between my legs
i had to learn by being brave
with my achey little heart
and asking for the love
that got torn apart 
when i was a kid

isn’t this everything?

there’s a light between my legs
it travels through my belly
up my chest 
between my breasts
into my throat where i know how to speak so clearly
there’s a light on my tongue 
a song being sung 
a salvation song

this little light of mine
i’m gonna let it shine
this little light of mine
i’m gonna let it shine

there’s a light inside my soul
that knows
how to multiply trust
how to feed healthy lust
how to gush honesty 
because i’m worth it
because you’re worth it
because we’re worth it 
no matter where we started
or how hard our hearts have become
no matter what kind of dark muck 
got stuck inside our sanctuaries 
there’s an everlasting light 
that burns so incredibly bright
and we’re here to remember to tend that fire
until we’re not afraid of our desire
to be held
to be seen
to be all the things that make us human
right in plain sight

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